Why VBucks are the greatest parenting tool ever

I'll never forget the first time my son wanted to spend money on VBucks.

Me: What's a B-buck?

My son: A VBuck, mommy (rolls eyes)

Me: OK, what are VBucks?

My son: Money on Fortnite.

Me: How do you get it?

My son: You use real money.

Me: What do you mean?

My son: You, like, put your credit card in and they give you money in Fortnite.

Me: WHAT?! With real money? To buy fake money?! That's ridiculous. Absolutely not.

Probably $100 later and we have skins, emotes, and some kind of membership.

I was so angry about this idea of "video game" money for real money... at first. It seemed like such a waste. But, at 8 years old, the kid just doesn't "play" like he used to. He's over LEGOs, his bins of toy cars and animals and dinosaurs are untouched, and he has hundreds of dollars saved up from holidays and birthdays because he just couldn't find anything at toy stores that he wanted to spend his money on.

Then I was talking to a friend of mine who was saying how amazing VBucks are.

Her: Think about it: we'd spend money on junky toys they wouldn't play with anyway.

Me: True.

Her: And then their rooms get cluttered and messy.

Me: Yes, they do.

Her: And it's hard enough finding gifts for other kids' birthdays, so gift cards for video game money is easy to buy, wrap, and it's what they really want anyway.

Me: You're so right!

Her: VBucks are the greatest thing ever.

Side note: We do have a rule about spending real money on video game money: it must be earned. Very rarely has he used any money from his savings account on VBucks or the like. He has a monthly membership for a video game but he has to do extra chores (above and beyond his usual chores) to earn the money to pay us back monthly and ahead of time. Just wanted to put that out there...

Do any of you have a love-hate relationship with VBucks and other video game currencies?

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