Why it's important that my 8yo son do chores

I wrote a blog recently about chores by age and got slammed on social media for even giving my son chores. Yep- a few parents told me it was wrong to expect my child to do any sort of labour because that's my job as a parent.

To this I say.....


Guys: Kids NEED chores. They'll never grow up to be responsible for themselves (and lord help their future spouses). They need to see how much it takes to run a household. They need to learn independence. 

And kids are much more capable than we give them credit for. My 8-year-old son has always had basic chores: make his bed, put his clean folded laundry away, clear the dinner table, and take out the garbage. But I was talking to some friends before the summer who have boys around my son's age and their boys were doing their own laundry. So, guess what? Summer started, the bean got his own laundry hamper, and downstairs we went to the basement so he could learn how to use the washing machine and dryer. And guess what? Eight years old and he's doing his own laundry! Yesterday he did a load of clothes with his sheets, remade his bed, folded his laundry, and put it all away.

I know it's a parent's responsibility to do things around the house and for their kids - don't get me wrong. I'm not going to ask my 8yo to mow the lawn (yet). But after a year of virtual school, with my putting my own work aside to help my son, I told him mommy needed a break and some help this summer  too. So, we added to his chore list. 

I think chores are really important for kids to have.

What are your thoughts?

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