What To Do: 7 Family activities you can do at home

There's a lot of "at home" time to fill these days... here are 7 family activities you can do at home that are fun and educational, and everyone in the family can join in.

Talent show: Everyone’s got a few tricks up their sleeves. Challenge everyone in the family to fine-tune their showmanship skills and host a family talent show. If you’re brave enough, put it on social media and ask friends and family to vote on their favourite performance. 

Nature scavenger hunt: With the beautiful weather, we all want to be outside. Arm the kids with a list of things to look for while on your next family walk to make your usual stroll a bit more fun. Suggestions for your list: Red flower, butterfly, blue car, someone on a skateboard, a white dog, etc. 

Paint night: You may have done this with the girls and it can be just as fun with the fam. Find easy painting suggestions on Pinterest (search for “paint night ideas”) and get everyone set up with paper or small canvases and paint. 

Obstacle course: Use your front or backyard and set up the ultimate obstacle course. Make sure participants have to run, jump, crawl, zigzag, and do something silly. 

Backyard camping: Camping is a summer must, so simplify the plans with backyard camping. Pitch a tent, cook on the barbecue, stargaze, tell scary stories, all in the comfort of (just outside) home. 

Science experiments: Make an exploding volcano, a wave bottle, slime, collect specimens outside to examine, etc. You can transform an area outdoors into a wizardry, wonderful place for learning and exploring. 

Culinary adventures: Try your hand at homemade pasta or pizza (but make the crust), customize a perfect sundae with homemade ice cream in a bag, or knead your way to a comforting loaf of homemade bread. 

Melany xx