What I learned about the importance of helping others…

Throughout my journey at Akiva I learned the true meaning of a being a “mensch” (a good person). I learned how to be respectful and not judge people by their looks or their religion. I appreciate the importance of always trying to help people. I will never forget our visit to Maison Shalom in grade three. We held a Read-a-thon to raise money to help the people who lived there. I learned that the people there don’t have the same lifestyle as I do.  They may not have the same opportunities I have, but like me, they have great friends and family who love and support them. My classmates and I worked hard to donate to the home. I was very happy because I finally got to help the people there just as my mother had done when she worked there for several years. It was a great experience to help others and see the smiles on their faces when we spent time with them. I will forever cherish this experience and hopefully go again.

Michelle Mashaal is a Grade 6 student at Akiva.