What I am doing to get ready for the school year

Another school year is upon us and I always like going into a new phase prepared. Otherwise, it's just way too stressful for me. And I think my third-grader likes the routine and preparedness too.

The school supply list has been done for a few weeks - I start that early (especially after last year's blue-journal-with-the-fish fiasco where there wasn't a fish journal anywhere within a 50-kilometre radius). Now I have to label everything, which the bean helps with.

We bought our star pupil two new pairs of sneaks (one to leave at school and one to wear to and from school), plus some new clothes. I also have amazing friends (with older boys), so we get fantastic hand-me-downs - I store them in a bin in the garage till they fit, and he had a whole stack of long-sleeved shirts that would now fit him). I washed everything, reorganized his drawers and closets (to pull out the old/outgrown stuff), and now his clothes are ready to go.

His cool little retro lift-top desk has gotten too small for a kid who will be getting homework this year, so he got daddy's old childhood desk. We hung a corkboard above it and made sure the drawers were well-stocked with all the supplies he'd need.

I like to cook ahead. It's awesome when you have homemade meals on reserve in the freezer. This week I made a huge batch of meat sauce, which I turned into a few trays of lasagna/stuffed shells as well as bagged to go with spaghetti. I also made a double batch of blueberry muffins along with bacon cheddar muffins - they're great snacks in the bean's lunch. I'm also going to be doing a batch of chili and mini pita pizzas.

What are some of the things you do to get ready for the school year?

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