We can make a change one step at a time

On February 10th, Carolynn Boulanger a secondary 4 student organized an amazing evening event to raise money for families in Ecuador with the help of many volunteers. She raised over 1800$, triple her goal with the help of generous donation in our community! By raising money for this important cause this will help give girls the most important tool, education. We also helped raise money to provide villages in Ecuador access to clean water. Making a change by helping support the foundation WE to ME.

I interviewed Carolynn to get her input on how she thought the event turned out.

Why did you chose to do this fundraiser?

I chose to do this fundraiser to raise an awareness in our community about the needs of others in Ecuador towards clean water and education.

What was your initial goal for this project?

My initial objective was to raise 600$ with the tickets sold and the generous donations.

In your opinion, how did the event turn out?

The event went well, but if I had to redo something in the project it would be to have more time for advertisement, fix a mistake on the posters which I realized later, restricted more the amount of the songs that the band sang and have more items for the raffle.

Do you think that the people who attended this event learnt something about the cause, if yes what?

Yes, I do believe that the people who attended this event learnt that not only are they providing clean water but also allowing girls a chance to education because they don’t have to be spending all day carrying water back and fourth. Instead spend their days learning something new and become powerful intelligent women.

How will your contribution affect the cause you raised the money for?

My contribution will be sent to Ecuador to build a clean water well near a school or an irrigation system in the community.

Are you proud of the outcome of this event?

Yes, I am truly proud of this outcome because not only did I raise triple my original goal but it gave me more confidence for future events that I’d like to plan. This also inspired my fellow peers to start their own campaign towards helping others.

We also raised money by selling rafikis which are jewelry made by women in Kenya to support the financial and medical needs for their families. A guest speaker from WE to ME joined this event by spreading the cause to another level. He talked about the importance of this cause and how we can help furthermore.

During this event people gathered together to share one common goal, and that was to help others that aren’t as fortunate as us. But by beginning campaigns like this one we can make a change together one step at a time. We are so grateful to have students like Carolynn who care about this cause enough to plan events to spread this awareness. As well as a huge thank you to all the volunteers who helped for this event. The families in Ecuador receiving this amazing gift will truly be grateful as well.

So now, gather a group of friends, begin to reflect about an awareness and think to yourself

“Together WE will change the world."

-    Craig & Marc

For further information check out WE to ME’s official website.

Marie-Lee Scrabbi is a grade 10 student at Laurier Macdonald High School in the English Montreal School Board