Ways to keep up the motivation to walk your dog

At one point or another, all dog owners don’t always want to go walk their dog! It’s normal, we all have our down moments! If that’s the case, here are some tips to keep you going!

1) Listen to a Podcast!

You’ll be so curious to find out what happens next that you'll be out the front door before your dog!

You might even take longer walks to make sure you listen to the whole episode!

There are so many podcasts out here, you are sure to find one that matches your interests.

2) Walk with a friend

A great way to catch up and do something different!

This will surely become a weekly thing!

3) Discover a new park

Change your routine and go to one of Montreal’s 19 large parks! Take the car if necessary, enjoy the nature and let your dog go nuts on all the new smells.

See above for a list of all the large parks of Montreal.

4) Walk to a destination

Don’t just wander around the same blocks. Walk with a purpose!

Are you out of poo bags? Great, then walk to the pet store with your dog, you’ll get what you’re missing and your dog will get some tasty treats from the counter.

Need to make a deposit? Go with your dog, most banks allow dogs inside.

Feel like shopping? Walk to some pet-friendly stores like Lululemon, Apple, American apparel, or even Home Depot!

5) Keep track of your walks

Use an app that tracks all your movements!

Why? You will see your measured daily and weekly exercise. It’s a great way to actually see the result of your efforts for yourself and your dog.

It also helps to see if you are consistent from week to week!

Mariane Bolla is the founder of Bandana, a dog training and special event company. Mariane Bolla is a certified dog trainer, a wildlife biologist, and an MBA graduate.