Wardrobe Wednesday: What do you do with your bra straps?

Photo: dillards.com

The official first day of summer is almost here! We have all bought a few of the great new looks for the season. But, how do we wear all these fabulous fashion trends and what do we do with our bra straps?!

Lots of the styles for summer 2018 require a little more attention to bra choices than in past years.



Cold shoulder

Sheer tops

Spaghetti straps

Plunging back

What bra options should we consider? When and where is it appropriate to see the straps?

Here are some bra options with no strap worries…


  • Great for smaller busted women (AA-C cups).
  • Very discrete and no bra strap stress.
  • Can be bothersome because they require “relifting and shimmying” to prevent the bra from falling down and suddenly becoming a belt…LOL.
  • Beware the “uni-boob” look when purchasing a strapless bra that is too small.
  • Not great for larger busts. These bras offer little to no support. Now, it is possible for our larger chested ladies to wear strapless. Try one with adhesive rubber grip strips (sounds rather heavy duty, I know) to prevent it from slipping or try a wider band with boning. Another option could be adding an extra layer of a bandeau over your strapless bra. This should add just enough support. This is a little extreme, though. Who wants extra layers in the summer heat, but sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.


  • Versatile undergarment for both small and large chested ladies.
  • It is a tube-like garment. Think tube tops from the 70s.
  • Wear it over your strapless bra for better coverage.
  • Smaller chested women can wear then alone, but offer very little support.
  • Ideal for covering the bra when wearing plunging front or back “Vs”. Hides the unsightly bra closures in the back and offers modesty to cover too much cleavage in the front.

Stick-on Cups

  • These are adhesive sticky cups that offer coverage, not necessarily support.
  • Only for small-busted women!
  • Reusable
  • Great option when wearing a backless top or dress.

Now, let’s talk about bras with straps. But first, we have to address the question, is it inappropriate to show your straps? Not necessarily, but as with everything else, the occasion is the key.

  • Socially? Yes!

Show those straps, if you like, at bars, shopping, travelling, weekends, casual outings.

  • At the office? No!

Unless done with modesty and by following a few of my suggestions to follow. But, really try to avoid showing your straps in the workplace.

If you are having difficulty coming up with ways to cover your straps and going braless isn’t an option, which it really shouldn’t be unless you’re hanging out at home :) Here is some advice and tricks for you…

  • Do not wear tattered, tired, discoloured bras. Save those for weekend lounging around the house.
  • Try to match the strap colour to your top or wear a coordinating colour. This could add a nice touch to your outfit.
  • Invest in a convertible bra that offers removable straps that can be worn in different ways. Straps can be crossed in the back or around the back of the neck for halter, crisscross or backless looks.
  • Opt for a bras with decorative and pretty straps, such as clear, pearls, lace or chain. All these options are feminine and look like they are part of the outfit and not your undergarments. These type of straps can be purchased separately and added to your favourite bra.
  • When all else fails, wear a cardigan or jacket to cover the unsightly bra straps.

Finally, I’m going to share one of my all-time favourite tricks with you when wearing the off-the-shoulder look and you need the support of a bra. Tighten your straps as much as you can and wear them on the outer edge of your shoulder. You will have the support you need and the edge of the top will just cover the straps, so you don’t have to worry about displaying then to the world.

Whatever style bra you choose, remember to keep it classy and pretty and make sure to get a bra with good support and one that is comfortable. The “girls” deserve it!

Karen has had a passion for style and fashion most of her life. Her lifelong dream came to fruition 17 years ago when she opened her boutique Moda Elle in Plaza Pointe Claire. Karen prides herself on excellent personalized service and truly loves to make her clientele happy. She recently doubled the size of the boutique in order to serve the well-dressed West Island women better.