Wardrobe Wednesday: Navigating sale season – a great deal versus a good deal

Photo: smartcanucks.ca

Well, ladies it’s that time again… summer sale season! YAY!! Some fashionistas wait all year for this season. I think it’s the universe giving us a little bonus before we have to face back to school and the dreaded winter months. What better time to grab your BFF and go hunting for the perfect pieces to build and/or replenish your wardrobe.

Shopping at this time of year is like going on a treasure hunt. There are so many fantastic finds at fabulous prices out there waiting for you to buy them, take them home and love them. It’s the perfect time to top up your summer wardrobe for next year or pick up items that can transfer into fall. It’s also a great opportunity to purchase those trendy pieces or colours you’ve been eyeing for the past few months, but didn’t want to spend a fortune on. Now’s the time to give into your desire to try something funky and fun without blowing the budget. Go on! You know you want to ;-)

Before heading to the mall, be a savvy shopper and keep these tips in mind to ensure you will get those fashion finds you’ve been coveting, at the best possible prices…

1. Don’t spend money to save money
I know, I know, this sounds odd, but bear with me. Look at how much you’re actually spending, not how much you’re saving, when considering an item. Would you have paid the sale price for the piece if that were the actual, original price?

2. Adore the item, not just the price
Let the piece grab your attention first, not just the price. The price should be the bonus!

3. Look for quality
Sale seasons allow you to purchase those beautiful pieces of clothing, accessories and/or shoes that you may not usually splurge on. Great quality and well-made items will last from season to season and year to year. It’s best to invest in quality when you have the opportunity. Now that’s a great deal!

4. Avoid the enticement of buying quantity
Just because it’s a great deal, doesn’t mean you have to buy it in every colour or in multiples. Do you really need four yellow cardigans or seven pairs of navy bermudas? Do you REALLY? A great deal is the perfect combination of need, desire and price!

5. Remember!
Most sale items are final sale – no exchanges and no returns. Please take the time when hunting for those treasures. Before leaving your house, take inventory of what you already own. More often than not, a lot of us tend to gravitate to things we already have in our closets. Once you get to the store try everything on and make sure everything fits well!

Bottom line, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to look fabulous if you’re a savvy summer sale season shopper!

Have fun and happy shopping!!

Karen has had a passion for style and fashion most of her life. Her lifelong dream came to fruition 17 years ago when she opened her boutique Moda Elle in Plaza Pointe Claire. Karen prides herself on excellent personalized service and truly loves to make her clientele happy. She recently doubled the size of the boutique in order to serve the well-dressed West Island women better.