Wardrobe Wednesday: Bamboo, who knew?!

Photo: aliexpress.com

Have you ever thought, they can put a man on the moon, but they can’t make comfortable, breathable and attractive clothing? Well, your wish has come true….It’s Bamboo!! Bamboo is pretty close to being the perfect fabric. It has been said that Bamboo is to cotton what cashmere is to wool – It is softer and has a more luxurious feel. But, this fabric is even better than that. Just check out this long list of fantastic attributes…

Moisture wicking and absorbent
Hypo-allergenic, so it is fantastic for sensitive skin 
UV resistant up to 97.5% 
Soft and luxurious 
Anti-bacterial, so it repels odors and toxins 
Insulating, so it keeps you warner in the winter and cooler in the summer

The bamboo plant is known to bring good luck and positive energy to your surroundings, so why not make it into a fabric and wear it wherever you go?! Bamboo is now being used in the production of all types of garments from panties to skirts and camisoles to blouses. But, it makes an especially excellent choice when looking for great quality basics and undergarments mostly because of the fabrics moisture wicking and natural anti-bacterial qualities. Bamboo Camisoles, tanks, leggings, capris and t-shirts are but a few choices that will compliment any wardrobe. Plus, it has that perfect fit and stretch to fit all body types. 

AND, bamboo is environmentally friendly too. 

The popularity of bamboo clothing has been on the rise for the last several years and has continued to grow and expand due to its benefits and the high demand for ethical textiles and eco-friendly products.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth and naturally sustainable. It requires very little water to grow. Doesn’t need pesticides or fertilizer for cultivation and it is biodegradable. It absorbs carbon dioxide and releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than hardwood trees. 

Could you ask for anything more from your clothing? In short, the best reasons to buy bamboo are…

Feels fabulous
Great for the environment
And, can possibly surround you with positive energy

Now, don’t you think it’s time to update your wardrobe with fabulous seamless bamboo basics?

Karen has had a passion for style and fashion most of her life. Her lifelong dream came to fruition 17 years ago when she opened her boutique Moda Elle in Plaza Pointe Claire. Karen prides herself on excellent personalized service and truly loves to make her clientele happy. She recently doubled the size of the boutique in order to serve the well-dressed West Island women better.