Wardrobe Wednesday: Athleisure – What is it and how do we wear it?

Athleisure is such a big trend now that it has its own definition in the dictionary. It is defined as a trend in which clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities are worn in other settings, such as the office, school, casual and social occasions.

What exactly is Athleisure, you ask? It’s yoga pants, leggings, sweatpants, sneakers and other types of clothing that were originally designed for the gym and other sports. It’s fashionable dressed up athletic wear/exercise clothing.

I don’t know about your Mom, but mine would never let me out of the house in sweats and I carried her rule with me throughout my life. I finally stopped listening to my Mom’s little voice in my head when this style became a recognized fashion trend in 2010 and has exploded over the last 8 years. Here’s why it has become such a popular trend…

  • Many women were wearing yoga pants often.
  • Nicer fabrics were created and existing ones were improved to allow athleisure wear to be not just extremely comfortable, but fashionable.
  • Dress codes have become much more lenient in the workplace and the world, for that matter.
  • Convenience of wearing the same outfit from daywear to the gym.
  • Designers and manufacturers created an endless choice of colours, prints and styles to suit this fashion trend.

A great amount of technology and research have gone into this trend to create not only great looking and flattering pieces, but also to ensure that items are stretchy, breathable, lightweight, moisture wicking, washable, wrinkle resistant and easy to care for.

This trend is so popular that many Hollywood starlets, such as Kate Hudson, Beyonce and Jillian Michaels have created their own lines. They had the foresight and saw the many advantages of this style…

  • Great for all ages and sizes.
  • Flattering compression that is not only comfortable, but also gives the illusion of a slimmer shape.
  • It’s the new casual that replaces denim.
  • Perfect blend of style and functionality.

The clothing industry isn’t the only one that had to quickly adapt to this fun trend. Athleisure has forced the shoe industry to change as well. Its popularity has created a demand for fashionable sneakers that not only offer comfort and support, but now include vast ranges of styles, colours, prints and embellishments.

A word of warning before donning your new athleisure outfit. Although it is a huge trend, before wearing it to work, please make sure that it is acceptable in your workplace!

Athleisure is such a fun trend. Here are a few tips on how to wear it…

  • Mix and match with pieces you already own, like your jean jacket or sneakers.
  • Accessorize properly with fun sunglasses, chunky necklaces or hoop earrings, but nothing too flashy.
  • Get creative with your footwear. Wear cute, printed sneakers or flat sandals.
  • Wear statement leggings, such as ones with prints, ones with mesh see-through panels or reversible one. Always wear these leggings with simple tops. It’s important to have the proper balance on the top and bottom.

Athleisure is a trend that’s here to stay, but remember to wear it properly by following these simple rules. You don’t want to look like one of those Housewives of Beverly Hills who wear their athleisure with heels and bling. Be comfortable, stylish and on trend!

Karen has had a passion for style and fashion most of her life. Her lifelong dream came to fruition 17 years ago when she opened her boutique Moda Elle in Plaza Pointe Claire. Karen prides herself on excellent personalized service and truly loves to make her clientele happy. She recently doubled the size of the boutique in order to serve the well-dressed West Island women better.