Urban Foodie Review: M.T.L. Bagel

When you're having an event, the last thing you want is to be stuck in the kitchen for days preparing food. That's why you should leave the heavy lifting to M.T.L. Bagel, who not only have the freshest bagels, sandwiches and more for individual sale, but can also create fantastic party platters for any event, big or small.

We were having a little 'do and decided to call on M.T.L. Bagel. We ordered several platters of sandwiches (which were prepared on their renowned bagels that are made in-house every day, topped high with deli-style smoked meat, turkey, smoked salmon, cheese and crunchy vegetables). We also ordered a large fruit platter where everything was fresh and delicious. And their yummy cheese bagel dessert got rave reviews from us as well as our guests.

Everything was displayed beautifully and was super reasonably priced - I almost felt like a guest at my own party!

And I'll go back again and again - with all of the flavours of bagels that they offer, you could have a new combination every single visit. I'm trying their blueberry or banana bagel with cream cheese this weekend for breakfast!

M.T.L. Bagel

5452 Avenue Westminster