Urban Foodie: Déjeuner Inc.

Ahhhh, breakfast - it's so wonderful to find an awesome breakfast place for a casual weekend morning, or for during the week when you want to meet up with friends!

We recently checked out Déjeuner Inc. in the West Island and it did not disappoint - it is the quintessential breakfast resto located on St.  Jeans Boulevard. And this new locale is super cool!

With a never-ending flow of piping hot freshly brewed coffee, and perfectly cooked breakfast platters, my girlfriend and I had a simply fantastic meal. I indulged in one (okay, two) cups of coffee, while my friend had a relaxing cup of peppermint tea.

Next up were the main courses. One of us indulged and had a little bit of everything: fresh blueberry pancakes that were soft and fluffy, topped with maple syrup, wonderfully prepared eggs, and sides of delicious sausages, crispy potatoes that were warm and tender in the middle, and country-style cheese bread.

I chose the poached eggs, which are tricky to get just right (I know, because I order them often), but not for Déjeuner Inc., who have perfected this classic dish. It came with an abundance of fresh fruit, rye toast and cottage cheese.

The food was scrumptious and the presentation was spot-on. Our server really completed the experience by checking in with us often, refilling our beverages when needed but not cramping our style too much.

We also loved the ambience of this two-storey resto, which had a magnificent staircase leading to the second floor. 

All in all, Déjeuner Inc. has great quality food made from the freshest ingredients. There's something for everyone on their massive menu, and with their spacious location, they can accommodate groups, or you can even book the venue for evenings upon request.

Looking to have breakie somewhere great? Think: Déjeuner Inc.!

Déjeuner Inc.

4720 St Johns Blvd.