Town And Country - A Turnaround Book

What a fun concept: a turnaround book, where the picture looks like one thing until you turn it upside-down and see a whole new image! In this Kane Miller title, kids can see bustling streets, cars, and skyscrapers on the "city" side of the book, and then nature, animals, and rolling landscapes when they do a turnaround and check out the "country." Kids can look for similiarities and differences. There's even a search and find element to each picture.

Activities to go with this title:

- Rainsticks can be fun to make, as you have to turn them around to activate them!

- Winter is the perfect time to create a snow globe, which will need to be flipped over and turned right-side up again over and over.

- Try making your own turnaround picture - it's a great way to teach opposites (do a sunny day and a stormy day, a beach and the mountains, a queen and a king... the list goes on)