To instil competitiveness, or not?

My bean would be in his third year of city hockey. Admittedly, his grandfather and dad were super excited to enrol him in hockey from a young age, but my son also seemed to enjoy it. He saw the improvements in his skating and stick-handling, and he started to even make friends on his team (even though he's just learning French and his team is primarily French-speaking).

But he has no interest in competing. At all. He didn't score a single goal last season and he was okay with it, because, as he put it, "I don't really want to score... because that means someone else doesn't get to." Um, bud, that's the point of sports. 

One time during a game, the other team's goalie got winded for a few minutes and was pulled, but they continued to play. After the game, the bean told us, "I felt bad for them. I was going to go over and play goalie for them," to which my husband and I chuckled and both said, "No, buddy... you don't play for the other team," and he answered us, exasperated, "Guys, he was huuuuuurt."

We've never told him to go and win at hockey - just to go out there and try and, most importantly, have fun. And he is. He never complains about going to practices and games (which were every Saturday and Sunday from September until April, I might add... phew!). 

Is this something we should be addressing? Should we be pushing him to be a bit more competitive? Because, if we do, that might be the straw that breaks the hockey player's back, and he might shut down and not want to go to hockey anymore.

Do you push to instil competitiveness, or let it be?

A full-time work-from-home mom, Jennifer Cox (our “Supermom in Training”) loves dabbling in healthy cooking, craft projects, family outings, and more, sharing with readers everything she knows about being an (almost) superhero mommy.