Tips on buying kids pants

Buying pants for kids is no easy feat. It takes time to find and try them on, and then how often do you get them home and realize there's something about them you didn't really like? So here are some tips on buying kids pants to streamline the whole process.

Get proper measurements. Measure your child's natural waistline and be sure to tuck a few fingers underneath the measuring tape - pants that are too tight will be uncomfortable, and given that kids grow so quickly, you'll want a tiny bit of wiggle room.

Get to know the brands. Some brands are sized smaller or bigger, and knowing the difference between brands/stores can be a big time saver when it comes time to trying things on.

Make sure there's a way to adjust pants. Quite often kid's pants will have a built-in belt on the inside of their pant waistline. Otherwise, casual pants like sweatpants have a tie - just make sure this tie actually tightens their pants and isn't just there for decoration (as so often they are).

If you're buying your kids jeans, find out what type of "cut" they prefer. There's straight or skinny cut, cargo, or boot cut. 

Try the pants on with shoes on. 

If you're buying leggings, size isn't as strict as when buying dressier pants. However, you should still pay attention to the sizing guide on the back of the package. And no two legging brands are sized the same.

Pants are really tricky to buy online, so you may need to actually go into a brick and mortar store for this errand (sorry, Amazon addicts!). Otherwise, get to know the various online sellers before buying pants off of a website.

Melany xx