The Happy Man And His Dump Truck

I love Little Golden Books. My son loves them too. We've amassed quite the collection of these classic titles. And one that we love: The Happy Man and His Dump Truck.

Who doesn't love reading about a happy man who sings happy songs while driving around different animals from the farm? This title always puts a smile on my little guy's face. We practiced and learned the different noises that farm animals make. And every time the happy man lifts his tipper and the animals slide down, my toddler can't help but chime in with a giddy, "Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!"

Activities to go with this title

- Make a piggy in mud. Cut out a pig from pink construction paper and then "dirty him up" with a combination of brown paint, sand and oatmeal (you can find this craft idea here on Pinterest).

- Make puppets for a farm-themed puppet show. Create little farm animal heads and glue them to the end of popsicle sticks.

- Farm masks. Cut out the centre of a paper plate, attached an elatic or ribbon to keep it on your child's head, and decorate it to look like a farm animal. You could glue cotton balls on for a sheep, paint black and white spots for a cow, or use yarn to create a horsey's mane.