The best crafts ever!

Got March Break fever? Looking for something fun to keep the kiddos entertained? My bean and I have done probably hundreds of crafts, a lot of which I have written about. So here are the best crafts ever - fun ideas for both you and the kids.

Apple crafts. Apples are still relatively inexpensive at the grocery store (and even more so at the market, which could be a fun day trip), and there's so much you can do with apples, from crafts to recipes. Try some of these.

Coffee filter butterflies are really pretty, and kids love watching the colours seep through the filters and mix. Birdfeeders are also great because you hang them outside and watch your feathered friends enjoy a snack.

I bet all you've been hearing since March Break started is, "Can I have a snack?!" Let them make their own snack necklaces and you'll never be asked this endless question again!

Now is a great time to catch up on your reading. Get the kids set up with some great titles and, who knows - maybe you'll be able to dig into your own adult fiction book. Need some suggestions for the little readers? These are some of our faves.

Don't miss these activity books, which are jam-packed with science experiments, art projects, and lots more.

And don't forget about St. Patrick's Day, which is right around the corner. Get a headstart on the festivities with shamrock printing or making a leprechaun trap!

A full-time work-from-home mom of a toddler, Jennifer Cox (our “Supermom in Training”) loves dabbling in healthy cooking, craft projects, family outings, and more, sharing with MList readers everything she knows about being an (almost) superhero mommy.