Technology enriches LCC Elementary School student experience

Technology has never been so important and, at Lower Canada College (LCC)'s elementary school, it has served as a valuable tool to keep students and teachers connected. LCC has invested a great deal of time and resources into expanding its tech know-how, both pre-pandemic and especially since, creating a cohesive environment that marries traditional teaching methods with forward-thinking approaches. Its importance was highlighted following the school closures in March and, today, technology continues to serve as a means by which the school can grow and thrive.

“We were in a good position last spring, especially for grade 5 and 6 students, to transition to virtual school, and we didn’t miss a beat,” said Alison Wearing, LCC’s Junior School Director. “The students had live classes and we used the G Suite series to keep everyone connected. Even though it was implemented for the entire school, we were still able to personalize the learning. Everyone was having their own experiences during the pandemic and we discovered how to leverage the tools to personalize the programs.”

For example, LCC’s online reading program allowed teachers to assign children specific books based on their individual reading levels and personal interests. They also had customized math programs. “We were not physically with the students, but we felt we could still connect with them,” said Wearing.

For the younger children, the school used an online portfolio app called Seesaw, where students could be more autonomous. “Teachers could record lessons and younger learners could be independent,” Wearing said. “They could navigate the tools and interact with the material, and we were able to send different children different work and experiment more with creative assessments.” With online platforms like this, students submit their work in a wide range of formats, such as video or in writing.

This fall, although students are back on campus, LCC continues to use certain elements of technology in its day-to-day teaching. They increased their iPad inventory so that every student from grades 1 to 6 have their own device. They have also explored certain apps and software that tap into children’s interests while teaching them valuable lessons at the same time. “We have always been cautious about overusing technology in the curriculum,” Wearing explained. “Instead, we look at how technology is going to enhance what they are learning. We want to harness the opportunity to be creative, and that’s what technology offers our students.”

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