Summer reading roundup for grownups

Use those quieter moments outside to take in a great book. We have all the best titles from the last few months right here - check out this summer reading roundup for grownups:

The One Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot

Marianne Cronin’s debut novel, The One Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot,is an endearing story of friendship, love, family and home. Set in the Glasgow Princess Royal Hospital, Lenni is a seventeen year old girl with a terminal illness, and Margot is an eighty three year old woman awaiting heart surgery. Fate brings them together when an art room opens for patients, and upon realizing that together they have lived one hundred years, they decide to paint a picture for every year of their combined lives. The novel brilliantly weaves their stories together, and Cronin masterfully brings each picture alive.

World Travel - An Irreverent Guide

Anthony Bourdain saw more of the world than nearly anyone. His travels took him from the hidden pockets of his hometown of New York to a tribal longhouse in Borneo, from cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, Paris, and Shanghai to Tanzania’s utter beauty and the stunning desert solitude of Oman’s Empty Quarter - and many places beyond. In World Travel, a life of experience is collected into an entertaining, practical, fun and frank travel guide that gives readers an introduction to some of his favourite places - in his own words. Featuring essential advice on how to get there, what to eat, where to stay and, in some cases, what to avoid, World Travel provides essential context that will help readers further appreciate the reasons why Bourdain found a place enchanting and memorable.

The Warsaw Orphan

Bestselling author Kelly Rimmer has returned with a new historical fiction novel that in true Rimmer fashion does not disappoint. Those who are familiar with Rimmer’s work will recognize The Warsaw Orphan’s protagonist from her previous novel The Things We Cannot Say. The Warsaw Orphan follows young 14-year-old Emilia Slaska, now going by the name Elzbeita Rabinek, as she feels a call to action to help the thousands of Jews who are suffering in the nearby Jewish Ghetto. Upon discovering that a friend is involved in an operation to save and relocate Jewish children to safe locations, Emilia finds herself on the other side of the wall, where she meets 14 year old Roman. As their friendship and eventual love blossoms, the Warsaw Orphans shows us the lengths people will go to in the name of family, love, freedom and honour.

You Will Remember Me

Fans of psychological thrillers will be happy to get their hands on Hannah Mary McKinnon’s latest novel, You Will Remember Me. The story grabs the reader right from the start when our protagonist wakes up on a beach with no recollection of how he got there or who he is. It then switches between the point of view of three characters; our protagonist Asher/Jack, his girlfriend Lily, and his stepsister Maya. As he works to put together the pieces of his life, he discovers that he has a dark past that forced him to move and create a whole new identity. Known to his girlfriend as Jack and to his stepsister as Asher, the three work to either unravel the story of his past, or to keep his past in the past.

Six Weeks To Live

If you’re looking for a good, quick, summer read, look no further than Catherine McKenzie’s latest thriller, Six Weeks to Live. Once again McKenzie catches us right from the first page when protagonist Jennifer receives the news that she has terminal brain cancer and has six weeks left to live. From there we’re brought on a fast paced adventure, counting down the weeks, as Jennifer tries to unravel the mysterious blood test results that lead her to believe she had been poisoned.

- Meredith