Sticking to New Year's resolutions

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you all had a warm and wonderful holiday season, and that you're ready to kick off another year!

Which brings us to resolutions... the New Year is the perfect time to set some goals. With a fresh start before us all, we should all take a little time to reflect on the past year and see where we can make improvements in the upcoming months. So here are a few tips on sticking to New Year's resolutions:

- Write them down. I like to put them on the corkboard in my office or in the kitchen at our command centre. Writing them down helps us to not only remember our resolutions but to keep them on our minds in the coming weeks when resolutions can get pushed to the wayside or forgotten all together. 

- Make resolutions that are attainable. Don't try to take on too much all at once. For example, you may like to lose 30 pounds in 2018, but start by setting a goal to lose 10 pounds. Setting too high of a goal may frustrate you right off the bat. 

- Give yourself time to achieve these goals. You're not going to transform your lifestyle into a healthy one overnight. Break down your resolutions so that you can achieve them in steps. Want to eat healthier? Add one new superfood to your diet each week. By the end of February, you'll have added eight new healthful foods to your food plan, and that's great!

- Get a buddy system going. You're not the only one who has vowed to join an exercise class or the gym this year, so find a friend who you can workout with. Having someone to work at these resolutions with will make it all the more fun.

- Reward yourself! It shouldn't be all work, work, work... plan a few rewards for yourself throughout the process of attaining your resolutions. If you've been working at shedding 10 pounds and you do, you should allow yourself an indulgent dessert from your favourite dessert cafe. Allowing yourself to have a few rewards along the way will make it all the more graitfying to reach your goals.

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Melany xx