Start your holiday shopping now - you won't regret it

The holidays are undoubtedly going to be different this year, and that means holiday shopping will change too. One thing I'm trying to take from this pandemic is figuring out what's truly important. As we slowly move into the holiday season, let's remember that these times are not only about materialism and things but also about being grateful for what you have and spending time with those we love, whether it be within our household bubble or virtually.

So, leave the retail stress behind this year and get a headstart on your holiday shopping now! Without the usual holiday rush, you'll be able to slow down and really enjoy the laid-back attitude of this year's celebrations. Start your holiday shopping now - you won't regret it. If you do, you can:

- Save money. There may be a lot of advertised sales in the weeks leading up to the holidays, but you can still find deals right now. Be sure to keep an eye out for sales and specials around American Thanksgiving too.

- Find more selection. Stock is going to run low pretty quickly this year, and by buying sooner than later, you'll be able to get your hands on all those most-requested must-have gifts.

- Find something from the heart. It's hard to find a useful, thoughtful present when you leave your shopping till the last-minute. If you begin your hunt for the perfect gifts now, you'll allow yourself some extra time to really put consideration into your choices.

- It can lead to getting other to-do's out of the way. Once you have your shopping done, you can get a headstart on other projects, like wrapping, writing out cards, baking, and more.

- You'll have your sanity. Do you find you're always frazzled in the month of December (like I am)? With present-buying out of the way, you can focus on more important things: you.

Melany xx