Should I help parent my friend's kids? Um, probably not

Now that we're finally getting together a little more socially, I've been having one or two kids over for outdoor playdates. It's been almost a year since I have spent time with some of my son's friends. And, given they're all 8 years old, many of these playdates are drop-offs, leaving moms to play referee to kids other than their own.

Luckily, my son has a great group of friends, so I don't often encounter the challenge of parenting someone else's child. But I have been put in the position in the past, and it's a tricky one to maneuver.

Should I help parent my friend's kids?

If my son forgets a "please" or "thank you," I am definitely okay with someone else correcting him. And if my son is being mean or bossy, I'm okay with them schooling him a bit on being nice or fair (although I hope they don't have to more because I wouldn't want my child acting this way).

However, I let certain things slide with other people's kids because sometimes I just don't feel it's my "right" to parent another child.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you ever have to parent your friend's kids?

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