Shopping with a tween

Anyone who has a tween (who is going on 20) knows that shopping with them is no easy feat. There's bound to be a few debates and maybe a meltdown or two, so if you don't want it to end in the silent treatment (again!), then take note of these tips when shopping with a tween.

Establish some ground rules beforehand. This could include acceptable versus non-appropriate clothing items, budget, and duration (how long you will spend shopping). Also, be sure that you are both clear on your tween's school's dress code. This could all help to avoid any arguments during your outing.

Take an inventory of what your tween already has in his or her closet. There's no sense in buying yet another black hoodie if your tween's closet is already filled with an adequate selection of similar items. 

Do an online scope first. Check out the stores you want to shop at online first to get a sense of the things they are carrying. It will cut down on your overall shopping time. 

Give your tween some freedom in his/her clothing choices. You may not agree with the all-in-black look, but if it's something that makes your tween more comfortable, then perhaps it's a battle you push aside. After all, being a tween mom or dad is all about picking your battles.

Shop together. Although your tween may be old enough to peruse the mall solo or with friends, it's best to do the clothing shopping together.

Estbalish a budget. Beforehand. No need to argue about a $150 pair of jeans in the middle of the mall. Decide ahead of time what is acceptable and not in terms of spending. And finally...

Don't spend a lot of money on shopping with a tween. Because, quite frankly, tween trends come and go... quickly. There's simply no point in shelling out an inane amount of money on the latest shoes when they'll surely be obsolete in a matter of months.

Melany xx