Shopping for your little camper

Kids already have summer vacation and camp on their minds, and so do parents. There's a lot to do when prepping to send your child to summer camp. So here is how to get all your shopping done for your little camper.

Junior Booty

Oink Oink

Yep, you're going to need labels for everything that you send to camp, so why not make them fun and personalized? allows you to create, design, and personalize labels and stickers exactly the way you want them.

Then head over to Greene Avenue where you can stop by Sox Box (for lots of great socks, leggings, and more), as well as Oink Oink for fun accessories (like beauty stuff, small toys, games, and maybe even a sweet treat).

And while you're perusing Greene, go to Tony Shoes, where you'll find a huge selection of kids footwear for summer, from sandals and running shoes to water shoes, dress shoes and more.

Melany xx

All of these vendors are on the MList Card. Be sure to get yours today and start saving money all over the city!