Shop-Save-Support program will help community organizations raise money

The Suburban Newspaper has been part of your community for over 50 years, and we at Mummieslist have been serving moms for 10 years.  Together we have teamed up to create the MList card, and we believe in our community and want to help you give back! With this in mind, we have developed a Shop-Save-Support program that will help community organizations raise money while supporting local business. When you purchase a card at you are given a choice of several local charities to choose from. We will then donate $5 to that charity.?

Our card will give you discounts at local merchants that you shop at, helping you to feel good about your purchases.
In addition to this, MList has developed a fundraising program for schools, charities and local non-profit organizations. In an attempt to bolster fundraising efforts, we  partner with these organizations to sell the MList Cards as well – they sell them for $30 each and will then receive $15 back for every card sold, plus they will get $15 in Suburban advertising credits. That means that if they sell 100 cards, they will not only receive $1500 cash but another $1500 that can go toward spending on advertising at the largest English weekly newspaper in Quebec. Schools and teams can use the extra monies to buy new sports equipment, put it toward field trips or tournaments or even as donations to their cause. It’s an easy, efficient way of gaining funds as well as networking with others. 

We have always prided ourselves on promoting local businesses as well, which is demonstrated through our wide and varied list of participating retailers (there are more than 600 locations currently enrolled in the MList Card). If you or someone you know is interested in joining MList’s fundraising program, you can contact us at After all, our favourite hashtag is #shopsavesupport!