School Voices: The importance of positive relationships in school - Part 2

“It’s the littler conversations that build the relationships and make an impact on each student”

- Unknown

Having a relationship with your teacher is very important. Every student should feel comfortable around their teacher whether it’s to seek help or answer a question. A student would work better in class if they felt that their teacher valued and cared for them. They feel more valued if the teacher not only cares about their grades, but also about their feelings. It might seem difficult for teachers to make the effort to have a relationship with every student but in the end it makes a huge impact on each one. When a teacher knows their student well it is easier to understand the best way that they learn and how you could help them. Knowing what a child likes and dislikes can help a teacher adapt to their way of learning and help them feel closer to each other. A supportive teacher can make a big impact on a child. At Akiva every child has a great relationship with their teacher. Our teachers are always there for us when we need help and know exactly how to help us, just that little bit of care can make all the difference.

Mara Berkowitz, Grade 6, Akiva School