School Voices: Should schools still have libraries? Part 2

Do we really need libraries in 2020? In my opinion, libraries are important because they provide an environment where one can be calm, relax and reflect. Libraries are a perfect space for a get away from the day at hand to just read. Reading is very important for your brain. Your brain is a muscle that should be challenged and exercised routinely. Books provide you with the opportunity to stretch your imagination. Imagination is a funny thing because it can take you to so many different worlds and galaxies, or to a place you want to be. It is like a dream. A place where your creativity can roam free and spread its wings, as once quoted by Muhammad Ali, “The man who has no imagination has no wings”. At Akiva, we take great pride in having our very own library. It is filled to the brim with any kind of book you can imagine. We are so grateful to be given the opportunity to escape to our own world and simply enjoy a wonderful book.

Aiden Mars, Grade 6 Akiva student