School Voices: “Does Fair Mean Equal?” - Part 1

This month, Akiva grade 6 students grappled with the question “Does Fair Mean Equal?”. Here's what one student had to say:

Let’s take a look back to 1948, when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed. Fair? Yes, but equal, no. It was fair that the UN announced that all people would be equal no matter their race, gender or religion. For the 48 countries that did sign, they proved that they believed in equality and wanted to start taking the steps to get there. Even today some countries are still taking those steps. But unfortunately, there was also bad news. Eight countries actually refused to sign this document. Those 8 countries were Byelorussia, Czechoslavakia, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Soviet Union, Ukraine, Union of South Africa and Yugoslavia. In the end, fair does not mean equal in this situation because it was fair that the UN created this document, but it didn’t make everyone equal.

By Talia Soussan, Akiva Grade 6 student