Save money at the mall while getting some retail therapy

The mall - what a wonderful and glorious place filled with so many possibilities.

And where I can spend too much money!

If you're headed to the mall for some retail therapy, here is how to save some money at the same time.

Eat before you go. Nothing is more tempting than all those fast-food places in the food court, the little pop-up coffee shops and, of course, the sweet counters. Before you hit the mall, hit your fridge at home. You'll thank me later.

Pay attention to sale prices. Not all sales will save you money. Price compare closely to ensure you really are getting a deal.

Don't sign up for a store credit card. What may appear to save you money right now doesn't necessarily mean you will save money in the future (especially considering that store credit cards carry some of the highest interest rates).

Seek out the discount/outlet stores. Almost every mall has em.

Go with a list. Window shopping is fun but can definitely lead to impulse buying. If you head to the mall with specific items in mind that you need, you will be less inclined to buy things that you don't really need.

Use apps for store discounts. Check with the sales clerk to see if the store has an app with an virtual coupons or savings.

Bring your MList Card! I never forget my MList Card when I go shopping. With more than 600 retailers offering discounts, you're bound to run into some savings somewhere!

Melany xx