Sam Sorts

Sam's things are in a heap. Time to tidy up! He starts to organize his things, but quickly runs into trouble. He can make a pile of black and white things. But the penguin also belongs in the things with wings pile. He can make a pile of rocks. But the round rock also belongs in the round things pile. How will he ever sort his 100 things? Marthe Jocelyn takes a fun look at categories and counting in this very cleverly conceived story.

We loved the cut-paper images of everything from a zipper pull to a robot, and Sam's surprising solution makes for a tidy end to this unique story.

Activities to go with this title:

- Create this fun chore chart and get household to-dos done in a snap!

- Make a fun arts and crafts supply centre together.

- This chore and reward system will get the whole family involved in keeping the house sorted!