Recipe: Meals to boost your immune system

Photo: Eating Well

Winter challenges our bodies - germs seems to be everywhere and colds are being passed around left and right. It's time to prepare meals to boost your immune system and stave off the woes of the season.

White Bean Dip from Food Network Canada: A dip with beans that are filled with beta glucan and zinc – all immune-boosting properties.

Asian-inspired chicken soup from Eating Well: What is so obliging about this hearty chicken soup is that you can add any vegetables that suit your fancy: napa or Savoy cabbage, mushrooms, Chinese broccoli, broccolini, onions, leeks, mustard or turnip greens, celery or whatever tickles your bonnet. Just be sure that you don't overcook the vegetables. Spice it up with Asian-style chile sauce, such as sriracha, and/or serve the soup over noodles to make it a more substantial main dish.

Honey Garlic Chicken from The Endless Meal: This is the most amazing Baked Honey Garlic Chicken Recipe made with a 5-ingredient deliciously sticky sauce. It's guaranteed to be a hit at your dinner table!

Bell Pepper Salad from Dine & Dish: A simple and delicious bell pepper salad.

Immune Booster Sweet Green Smoothie from foodie crush: This healthy and creamy immune-boosting green smoothie made with Almondmilk, is naturally sweetened with frozen fruit and packed with vitamins and antioxidants to help keep colds at bay.