Recipe: 5 Truly Canadian recipes

It's Canada Day soon and there's no better time to try making these 5 truly Canadian recipes. They're awesome, eh?

Is there anything better than fries, gravy and squeaky cheese? This authentic poutine recipe will satisfy your craving for salty warm deliciousness.

Montreal bagels are like no other in the world, which is why we love them from coast to coast. You won't find a more classic recipe than this one for Montreal-style bagels.

A Canadian-made spread wouldn't be complete without a tortiere. It's a bit time-consuming to make but it's definitely worth the effort. Try this homemade recipe for tortiere.

A lot of people don't realize it but the Bloody Caesar is a Canadian concoction that's won the world over. Toast our fair country with this yummy Bloody Caesar recipe from Ricardo.

This recipe for butter tarts puts all the others to shame. Make a double batch and freeze some - you'll want to eat them well into August!