Professional Organizing: The after-the-holiday reset

Phew! What a whirlwind – did you survive the holidays? Are you looking around at all of the new toys and gifts that have amassed in your home over the past few weeks and feeling overwhelmed? That’s totally normal! Here are some strategies to help you get set up for a successful start to the new year!

A great place to start is to go through all of the new gifts, toys, and stocking stuffers that you and your family were gifted over the holidays. Be sure that everything you received is something you’d like to keep – this is especially important with those small stocking stuffers! The truth is, not everything we receive will serve a purpose, and it’s absolutely okay to donate or regift the items that might not serve you or your household!

Then let’s go one step further and go through everything you already have and purge the items you might have received newer versions of. This can be as easy as taking a quick look in your cabinets while putting the dishes away to edit out what you might not use or like anymore. Take time to sort through the kids’ toys and donate the ones they might have outgrown or simply don’t play with as much anymore. This is a great step to do before the holidays, but also throughout the year.

As you’re packing away your seasonal décor, take the time to assess and edit out the items you might not love as much. Doing this while packing everything away is an easy step to take and it eliminates one more step next year when setting up for the holidays because you know you only kept the décor you love the most!

Now that you’ve kept the items you think will serve you the best, it’s a great time to set intentional goals for the coming year.

They don’t need to be called resolutions; you can call them whatever you like! It can be as simple as wanting to get into the habit of always putting your laundry away right away or a loftier goal of getting your entire home organized. Get everything you want to accomplish down on paper – it doesn’t need to be pretty, just write it down – and slowly make an action plan on how you’re going to incorporate small changes into your existing routine to make keeping organized a priority.

And lastly, enjoy the process! Rome wasn’t built in a day and becoming and staying organized is a learned skill. Celebrate the small wins and take it one step at a time.

Diana Martin runs Transitions Management, a professional organizing service in Montreal and the surrounding area. She focuses on relocation management, residential organizing and lifestyle management. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook.