Prepping for summer break

School's almost out for summer! 

No, no... don't cry, moms and dads... while I know this can be a busy time, it can also be super fun. It just takes a bit of planning and prepwork.

First off, forget routines for a bit. Everyone, kids and grown-ups included, need a little break from routine. At least until camp starts.

Stock up on some ready-made dinners. Having the kids home means doing a lot more activities (playdates, going to the park, sports, etc.), so instead of adding "meal planning" to your list of to-do's, bite the bullet, make a trip to Costco, and stock up on some ready-made pastas, pizzas, burgers, and more. You'll thank me later.

Have snacks. While you're at it, when you hit up the grocery store, get a few different types of healthy snacks too. Store them at your kid's level and that way, you won't spend days running to and from the pantry.

Keep me busy. Remember those older toys you stashed away this winter to clear out the playroom a bit? Bring a few of them back into the rotation. Or make a quick trip to the dollar store, vow only to spend so much per child, and get them a few new things to keep them busy. Whether it's craft supplies, some colouring books, games, or outdoor play items (bubbles, sand toys, and so on), something "new" will help to keep them occupied.

Set up some playdates. Whether you go and have some mommy time, or make an arrangement with another parent to take turns with drop-off get-togethers, a few predetermined meet-ups can help break up the long weeks.

Schedule in weekly trips to the library. The library is a great way to introduce new books, movies and magazines at home. Some libraries have events for kids throughout the summer, so ask your librarian for the schedule.

Make an activitiy jar. Sit down with your children before school lets out and come up with a list of things you can do when your child chimes, "I'm bored." This could be anything from read a book to build a volcano, paint the sunset, write a letter to a pen pal, etc. Put all the ideas in a jar, and when your child is meandering around the house, have them choose a suggestion from the jar.

Happy summer!

Melany xx