Please Join Us review

Imagine if at the moment that your life seems to be falling apart you receive an invitation to join a secretive, highly selective, woman’s executive networking club. What’s there to lose right? This is the premise of Montreal author Catherine McKenzie’s latest thriller Please Join Us. Nicole Mueller’s life is not going in the right direction, her once-successful law career is crumbling, she and her husband are about to be kicked out of their beloved apartment and she feels like her life is spiralling out of control. After a rather unpleasant meeting with her boss she receives a mysterious email inviting her to join a women’s network comprising of high ranking executives and public figures. Deciding that there’s not much to lose by meeting with this group, Nicole finds herself going all in, resulting in getting her career back on path. Of course nothing in life is free and sometimes repayment comes at a highly unethical cost.

Off the bat I loved the premise of this book. A group of highly powerful women networking much like a “boy’s club”. McKenzie does a brilliant job at crafting some plot twists that you see coming and many that seemingly come out of left field. The book has a strong narrative that switches between ‘then’ and ‘now’, which leads to further engaging the reader in the story. This is a well crafted, fast paced thriller readers will not want to miss.

Please Join Us by Catherine McKenzie (Simon and Schuster) is available now.

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