Pet Talk: Spring pet care

Spring is a time for renovating our home, updating our wardrobe, and taking care of our furry friends. With the thaw comes potential hazards to dogs and cats that can, and should, be avoided.

So here are some tips for spring pet care.

Grass. Dogs will occasionally snack on grass, which is totally normal and something you might notice more of as the snow disappears. However, if Fido is continuously eating grass, you may want to bring him/her to the vet - eating grass could be a sign of a sick tummy.

Birds. Birds will abound come springtime, meaning more nests, eggs and baby birds too. This could all be very enticing to your kitty cat. Make sure bird feeders are hung high enough, and tie a bell to your cat's collar to avoid a bird feast.

Flowers. When putting in new flowering plants, make sure to read up on the variety you've chosen. Some plants can be poisonous to animals.

Ticks. Spring is a popular time for ticks to emerge, so keep an eye out for these pesky pests.

Open windows. With the warmer weather comes this need to open all our windows and let that fresh air in. But be careful: make sure the screens are in your windows and that they're secure. Curious cats could fall out.

Spring cleaning. If you have pets at home, look for more eco-friendly, less harmful cleaning products to use in and around your house. Your pets will thank you.

Update collars and tags. Nicer weather means more outdoor play. But, if your pet wanders off, you want to ensure that they have updated contact info on their collars, or they've been fitted with a microchip.