Pet Talk: Guiding your pets through a pandemic

These last few months have been trying for everyone in the household. This is true of our furry and feathered friends too. Animals have their own way of picking up on the overall temperament of any situation, and the COVID pandemic is no exception.

Our pets have had to adjust to "new normals" almost just as much as we have. We were gone a lot, then we were suddenly home full time, and now many of us have started returning to outside workplaces. Pets have gone from having an unprecedented amount of attention to being forced to be alone again. This could cause confusion and unexpected behaviour, such as acting out and reverting back to old habits.

First, try and give your pet routine. Whether or not you're home, make sure that walks, playtime and feeding time are consistent and happen around the same time every day.

Next, give your pets their independence. Animals need their own "safe places," whether it's a crate or a pet bed or just a corner to retreat to solo.

Then, get them used to your "new normal." This could include things like your wearing masks or keeping distance from people outdoors. Try and avoid any more unexpected changes to their every-day life by helping them get used to your daily schedule.