Pet owner's spring home cleaning guide

With all the late spring clean-up we're doing in our homes, those of us who have pets have an added dimension to our process, and that's cleaning up after our pets. Whether it's pet hair that gets stuck to furniture and carpeting, or unwanted smells that seem to be lingering, this is the ultimate pet owner's home cleaning guide.

First off: A de-shedding brush or comb can help cut down on how much your dog or cat sheds).

Pup or kitty tracking in dirt and other debris from outside? A simple door mat can help (extra traction across a clean surface before coming inside), or you can keep a small basin of lukewarm water by the door to aid in cleaning their paws quickly.

Hardened animal food on floors can cause discoloration, so keep a place mat under your pet's food and water bowls to avoid bigger cleanups later on.

Repair damaged, scratched floors with a simple stain-filled marker. And keep dog's nails cut short to avoid further scratching.

If you notice offensive pet smells that seem to linger about, make sure your pet is not only well-cleaned, but so is his/her bed and toys. And throw open those windows - some fresh air can work wonders on unwanted aromas.

- Jennifer Cox