PERFIT MOMS: Why parenting has made me a better and stronger person

I will never forget the first day while gazing at my first born; the one who had made me a mother. I had no idea what to expect except that this was going to be hard. I had read all the articles about never pooping alone again and everyone told me to enjoy my sleep. I was slightly terrified but even more excited. With Ed Sheeran playing in the background I promised my son that I would do the best I knew how to raise him to be happy and loving. Having a baby sends a whirlwind of trials and tribulations, that is true but what I quickly realized was the lacking of blogs talking about how wonderful parenting is. I wish there was more emphasis on this. Not everyone is blessed to be part of this journey. Sure days are hard and nights sometimes even harder but these gifts that I have been given have done so much more for me than those tough moments. My daughter has taught me to dance without worrying about what others are thinking. To be honest I should say to have a controlled seizure as dancing is not my strong suit. My son has taught me to question everything. He doesn’t just accept an answer he needs to understand the why. Parenting has made me a better and stronger person. I owe it all to the 2 and 4 year old dictators living in my home. 

A post by our friends at Perfit Moms