Perfit Moms: That first moment

I reached down after nearly two days of agonizing labour and felt my baby coming into this world. My doctor said in a very clear and firm voice "come and get your baby." With one last push and a tight grip I pulled my brand new baby boy onto my chest. My body suddenly had this overwhelming feeling of being empty and then at the same time I was full. My life was now for him and I was complete. 

If only parenting could always be about that first moment that I became a mother. Trust me... it’s not. It’s about sleepless nights, feeling constantly judged, second guessing yourself and to be honest I wouldn’t change a thing. I have never been more sure of what I’m doing while simultaneously being completely lost. The best part about it is you’re not alone. Even Chrissy down the street who has her story together is honestly winging it from behind closed doors. We are the blind leading the blind and doing our best to navigate through this journey.

We are all about sometimes just surviving  on processed foods, dry shampoo and caffeine and to be honest that is perfectly ok too. The truth is we are all in this insane parenting world together. We are diverse and that’s what is beautiful about this life.

We have the chance to join forces with so many religions, ages, cultures and differences as we all share one common goal in doing our best with raising our children. We are a team and when you see one of your team mates fall down be the first to pick them up. Your day will come too and I hope I’m there to give you a hand. It takes a village to raise a child and Perfit Moms has become mine. We celebrate and cry together but most of all we empower each other to make better decisions. If you ever feel alone feel free to come and join our village.

A post by our friends at Perfit Moms