Perfit Moms: Ode to my poor poor husband

Ode to my poor poor husband. He was once at the top of my list. He came home to a smiling wife with make-up on, supper made and a clean house. He was the centre of my world. I would talk about him constantly, rave about all the amazing things we had done, the countries we had travelled and how I was the luckiest girl in the world. Fast forward to the day we found out we were pregnant. The look on his face was excitement and nothing could have prepared him for what was to come. First of all, the woman you have chosen who is all yours and only yours until she is pregnant becomes a finger puppet for the entire medical world. At every appointment you watch as your partner gets examined by a complete stranger. Then her body becomes possessed. She yells at you for everything and then cries at the same time because she realizes she is being mean but can’t stop it. She pees at every moment sometimes when she laughs, sneezes or coughs. She is a miniature sprinkler right there in your living room. She craves foods but then complains about the smells. She vomits and doesn’t even bother brushing her teeth after anymore because vomiting has become a regular occurrence and let’s be honest who cares. But at the same time she is a super hero. Her body is running at 100% capacity and you see her little bump start to grow. You know that you have created a miracle together and your love and admiration for this woman is all you can think about. I applaud all the partners that stand beside their pregnant lady. It’s not easy but I promise you at the end you will find a respect for her like you never knew possible. She is a warrior and her body is creating the most precious gift you will ever receive. So keep reminding yourself that it’s only 9 months and then she’ll come back to you in a completely different form. One that is strong, beautiful, passionate and desirable. Be patient my friend. 

A post by our friends at Perfit Moms