Perfit Moms: Find your community

Becoming a mom is exhilarating and terrifying simultaneously. The two emotions together in itself can be rather confusing. But somehow women from all over the world take these emotions and turn them into something incredible. They become mothers. In the blink of an eye they have given up their entire world to raise a child that will be running the future generations. Their alone time no longer exists and the only thing they think about is the child that they are now responsible for. Many moms just wait for naptime so that they can have a minute to have a break; perhaps go to the bathroom in peace. And then they find themselves sitting on the couch in the quietness of their home scrolling through the pictures they took of their children during their morning activities. Again the emotions of becoming a mother are so confusing that only a mom can understand and relate. I have learned in my journey that having a community is so incredibly valuable and has been pushed to the sidelines without a care in the world. My body craves getting together once a month without my children in an evening of fun and debaucheries amongst other fellow survivors.

We are blessed to be mothers. We are also blessed if we have a community of cheerleaders behind us to support us on our most difficult days. Too often do I see mothers judging each other when really what we need to be doing is supporting. Between malnutrition and sleep deprivation judgement is so easy to put on somebody else but let’s be honest when you empower somebody and support them and encourage them there is nothing more valuable in your community. You are responsible for helping raise the next generation. What do you want them to look like? How do you want them to behave? Who do you want them to emulate? I’m sure you want everything good for your children in their lives and that begins with the community you raise them in.

Perfit Moms has become that community for me and I celebrate them everyday. Find your community; find your village; find your support. I guarantee you life as a mom will become much easier with so many cheerleaders around you.