Parenting 101: The 3 most valuable life lessons

We all hope to have perfect little angels that act like little princesses and princes, that eat only the best of the best and have every toy their heart desires but let’s be realistic. There is a lot of unhealthy food out there, there are a lot of not so kind people that we encounter on a daily basis and well, who wouldn’t want everything their heart desires. This is why I choose to lead by example, to be kind no matter what, to eat healthy more often then not and to appreciate the things that I am fortunate to have. As far as I’m concerned, the three most valuable life lessons I could pass on to my children are:

Be kind

My philosophy is that it is always better to be kind then mean no matter the situation and no matter how the other person/people may act. That we are kind compassionate people and that someone else’s actions should not change who we are or make us act differently regardless of their actions. If I hold a door open for somebody and they don’t say thank you then so be it, at least I know I did the respectful thing. If someone walks by you and acknowledges you then you too should acknowledge them or better yet say hi to them even if they don’t reciprocate. I tell my kids all the time that it is always better to be nice, polite and respectful and true to yourself and your values no matter the situation. Hopefully, our kind actions will either shine light on someone’s otherwise gloomy day or maybe we can even encourage others to be kind.

Healthy eating habits

We live in a society where eating poorly is often an easier choice then eating healthy. Fast food and junk food are far more readily available and often more kid-friendly then healthier alternatives but I encourage my kids to try to find a healthy medium. I do not believe in restricting or forbidding things such as chips, cookies a fast food but try to teach them to eat these things in moderation. I find it so important to keep communication an ongoing process in the house and it helps the kids understand. Like with food for instance, we often have conversations regarding what is healthy or unhealthy, what could be a healthier alternative or what benefits the food we are eating have on our bodies. I like to make sure the kids understand the why behind our food choices. I love to be in the kitchen and I truly enjoy being creative, I am constantly trying to provide my family with good meals and I love when the kids join in on the fun.

The value of a dollar

My kids like most, want, want and want some more. This is probably one of their favorite words. Its easy to want every toy, game or item out there but we think its important for the kids to understand why we can’t always get what we want and what it takes or rather costs to have everything that we do have. We are very fortunate and the kids have everything they could ever need but there comes a point where a line has to be drawn. I don’t want my kids to be spoiled and so when they ask if they can have a new toy, the answer is no followed by an explanation about how things are expensive and we need that money for other things. As well, the kids have piggy banks and we welcome them to spend their money. That way they can truly understand the concept of a dollar.


My goal is to raise kind, polite, well grounded and appreciative kids and to do so, I think communication needs to start at a young age, even if they don’t fully grasp the concept, they soon will. People may be rude but at least I know my kids won’t be. My kids will eat junk food but at least they will understand why we shouldn’t be eating it and my kids will for sure want every toy imaginable but they will understand why its just not possible to have them all. I’m just a mom trying to do her best by providing my kids with the tools for success.

Robyn Maxine Eidinger loves a challenge and looks at every obstacle that comes her way as a way to grow. She's not only a mom of 3 but she is also a certified personal trainer, writer and a health enthusiast. With one foot in front of the other Robyn is finding her way through her life's passions and sharing her experiences with her readers.