Parenting 101: Say "NO" to bullying

Every year, we hear story after story about kids being bullied and it is absolutely heart breaking. Kids should be waking up in the morning happy and excited about what lie’s ahead but sadly, many wake up with anxiety, or in a state of fear, dreading what’s to come. 

Yes, kids will be kids and sometimes their actions and/or their words are not meant to be hurtful but in a lot of situations, kids can purposely be really mean and cruel to others. Whether or not the behaviour is intentional, it is our job as parents to do our best to teach our kids how to respect others regardless of differences, to welcome others with open arms, to try and help others whenever they think someone may need help. Or simply, we need to stress the importance of just being nice to others.

It is equally important to take the time to explain to our children what behaviour is unacceptable and should for no reason be tolerated. Kids should not be allowed to make fun of others, they should not intentionally hurt others feelings nor should they physically hurt their peers. There is no amount of hitting, punching, pinching, kicking and even chocking that should ever be accepted. We must take the time to not only teach them right from wrong, but also what to do should a situation arise to them or a fellow student. We need to remind them to seek help, to use their voice and speak up. A lot of kids fear the repercussions of doing what is right but if no one does, then the bullies win.

When your child is hurting, your heart breaks. As parents, we would move mountains to help our little ones but sometimes it is not always possible and if it is, it most certainly isn’t always easy. Speaking from a personal experience, when another child bullies yours, seeking help and resolving the issue is tricky and often time consuming. It takes a lot of cooperation from all parties and the school and often takes quite a bit of time before you are able to see a difference. I am hoping that if more people choose to open the lines of communication with their children, reinforce the importance of being kind, then maybe there will be fewer bullying situations happening in our schools.

The truth is, bullying is awful and happens far too often but it is important to acknowledge that kids also learn by watching us as parents and how we interact, handle situations and treat others. So, let’s choose to lead by example and say NO to bullying!

Robyn Maxine Eidinger loves a challenge and looks at every obstacle that comes her way as a way to grow. She's not only a mom of 3 but she is also a certified personal trainer, writer and a health enthusiast. With one foot in front of the other Robyn is finding her way through her life's passions and sharing her experiences with her readers.