Parenting 101: Now I feel old!

Obsolete things we spoke about this morning which made me feel really old!

1) Coles notes

2) That the first ever CD I bought was $25.98, from Sam The Record Man in Downtown Toronto and it was the band Yes, 90125.

3) Anything starting with, “When I was young”, or “Back in the day”.  My son jokes my first pet was a dinosaur.

4) The TV show M.A.S.H.

5) The starting wage for my first ever job when I was 14-years-old was $4.85/hour.

6) I remember $0.30/litre for gas

7) $0.46 chocolate bars

8) I had a black and white TV for my video game machine which I used until I blew the picture tube.

9) I told the story about monkeys at the African Lion Safari in Kitchener, Ontario tearing the weather stripping of the car in front of ours when I was very young.  When asked what weather stripping was, I honestly had no idea.

10) When telling my kids that my first car was a Saturn, my son asked me if I had to use my feet to stop the car like the Flintstones... Ha ha ha.

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