Parenting 101: First there was one, then two, now three

I find that so often people are surprised to hear that you have three children and once that sinks in, the next question that usually follows is “did you find that adding the third was hard?’ or something to that effect. When you have one child or more, things change and that’s only normal. You go from being just you to being a whole new version of yourself, you become mom.


You are now responsible for the health and well-being of this tiny little person, so of course life changes. For some, becoming a mom is one of the most exciting and fulfilling life experiences one can go through but it’s not always exactly how one anticipates. Your life changes drastically. Being at home in the evenings or on the weekends is no longer a choice but a must. The people that you once considered an essential part of your life start to fade in to the distance as your new responsibilities take center stage. Getting ready in the mornings and out of the house was a struggle to begin with but throw a child in to the mix and it takes that struggle up a notch. Rushing home and having to figure out dinner, bath and bed while still finding a way to spend some quality time together becomes your new reality. And let’s not even talk about trying to find time to keep a clean house.


Many people worry that when that second child comes along, they fear not being able to share their love or even have enough love to go around. I know I was very fearful of this, but somehow, someway, that love that we fear won’t be there or won’t be the same or won’t be enough, magically appears. On another note, throw that second child in to the equation and multitasking reaches an entirely new level, a completely unimaginable level. You have already adjusted to caring for someone other then yourself and you have already adjusted to the potentially unexpected changes that having children might have on ones’ social life but I don’t think you can really prepare to be split in 110 different directions all times. Like anything else, it takes time to get the hang of it and in the end its not so bad.


You go from one, to two and now three and maybe having a third child is not common and that having two children is still considered the norm. Whatever the case may be, when you mention that you have three children, people feel inclined to ask if that third child really makes things that much more difficult. The truth is, you are already used to multitasking, so now you just need to multitask a little bit more. We can manage that right? After all, moms have superpowers!! Also, when that third child comes around, chances are the first two are slightly older and slightly more independent which would definitely help but either way, what’s another mouth to feed, bum to change or face to kiss.

All that to say, yes having a child brings chaos but more than anything, it beings a love like no other, experiences to grow and learn from, little hands that depend on you for their every need and those little faces make everything that might seem like a challenge or even impossible all worthwhile.

I know I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Robyn Maxine Eidinger loves a challenge and looks at every obstacle that comes her way as a way to grow. She's not only a mom of 3 but she is also a certified personal trainer, writer and a health enthusiast. With one foot in front of the other Robyn is finding her way through her life's passions and sharing her experiences with her readers.