Parenting 101: A letter to my daughter

Looking back, there are so many things that I took for granted, things that I feel as though I was so unprepared to deal with and wish I would have done differently. In hindsight, we are forced to make such important decisions at such a young age, at an age when we are so vulnerable and inexperienced and those decisions that we are forced to make will have a lasting impact on our futures. So, my love, this is my attempt to provide you with some guidance and some insight to try and make your life a little bit easier in the long run.

Even though you are so young, you have to set yourself up for success. Success in all aspects of your life whether it is in school, with friends or even how you define yourself as a person. One of the most valuable lessons I can share with you is to love yourself. Don’t try to be anything or anyone that you are not. Do not try to follow but stand tall and stand strong. Be a leader not a follower. If, for whatever reason, you find yourself alone because you chose not to follow, then so be it. You will find your way and you will find the right people to surround yourself with. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you are weak, like you are not in control or less of a person than they are. Those are not people you want to surround yourself with, those are people that will undoubtably bring you down for whatever reasons. I learned that the hard way, I focused so much of my time and energy on people, the wrong people and if I could go back in time and change anything, I would choose to be more confident in my self. All to say, just be you and be proud! You are you and you are perfect, don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise!

Something else I wish I would have done differently, set my priorities straight. As I said, my social circle was my priority and looking back, that was a big mistake. My studies and my future should have been at the forefront. Of course, I can’t go back but even until today I wonder what could have been had my priorities been different. You are probably thinking that you have time, that your future might seem like miles away but the reality is, what you chose today is what sets the tone for your tomorrow. Sadly, you have to think ahead but don’t forget to live in the present because life really does pass us by. One thing is for certain, you are capable of anything you put your mind to, so dream big and know that there is no right or wrong choice, there is only your choice. Its your life to live. With that being said, please try not to put to much pressure on yourself, just work hard and everything will somehow fall into place. It might not be exactly how you anticipated, but that’s ok too.

Ultimately, you can’t control other people but you can control yourself. No matter what you do, just know that we will forever and always be proud of you and your accomplishments. We will help you along the way in any way that we can. We believe in you, so please believe in yourself.

Robyn Maxine Eidinger loves a challenge and looks at every obstacle that comes her way as a way to grow. She's not only a mom of 3 but she is also a certified personal trainer, writer and a health enthusiast. With one foot in front of the other Robyn is finding her way through her life's passions and sharing her experiences with her readers.