Outdoor fall prep

Fall is the best time to prep your outdoor spaces in preparation for winter (and even spring). It's not only helpful but could be necessary for the upkeep and well-being of your home.

So here are some outdoor fall prep tips to take into consideration in the coming weeks:

Lawn maintenance

As much as raking is a hassle, it's a necessity: a lawn cluttered with leaves will practically suffocate, so rake them up before the first snowfall. You'll thank us come spring.

Roof maintenace

The roof is the very essence of our homes, so you want to keep your roof in tiptop shape, especially before the harsh weather moves in. Inspect your roof for any loose shingles, and look for damage to the flashing. Make repairs now, not later.

Check windows and doors

You don't want to have any drafts that will allow in cold air (and cause your heating system to work overtime), so closely inspect all of the windows and doors  in your home. Then, seal any gaps or leaks.

Garden maintenance

Bushes or other delicate plants can be wrapped in mesh or supported by wood stakes. This will help them to withstand the wind and weight of the snow throughout winter.

You also want to trim bushes, hedges and trees to remove any dead branches or other dead areas. 


Your rain gutters collect all of the excess water that runs off of your roof, and if they're not clear of debris, you could encounter major leaking and flooding problems. Accumulated water can majorly damage roofing tiles and siding.

So, before the snow moves in, get up on a ladder and clean out those gutters as well as downspouts.

Other outdoor repairs

Walk around your property and check for any damage to walkways, driveways, and fences. These are repairs you'll want to do now and not after it starts snowing. It will also mean less work come spring.