Organizing containers - How do you keep them in order?!

Agggh!! Those dreaded containers!! How does it get to be such a mess?! You organize it, and then organize it again, and within a matter of days, you're being attacked by an avalanche of plastic containers and lids every time you open the cupboard door!

Want to get your containers organized once and for all? Here are some tips on organizing containers:

- Buy all the same brand. Having one brand of containers will make it easier and more uniform to stack. Lids will fit into other lids, and so on.

- Group "like" items. Modest containers for things like condiments should be with other small items, while produce-saving vessels (like berry containers that have a mesh or woven bottom) should also be kept together. Group reusable water bottles, coffee cups, as well as cutlery.

- Use larger bins to separate everything. Don't stack everything haphazardly next to each other - bins with clear labels are the answer to cupboard chaos. You can use them for lids, lunch containers, freezer containers, and more.

- Keep containers in an accessible cupboard. All too often, we house our containers in an awkward-to-get-to cabinet. Make sure it's easy to get to during cooking, clean up, and lunch prep. Deep kitchen drawers are a great way to keep containers neat, orderly, and within arm's reach.

- Downsize. You don't need millions of sandwich-sized containers. Pare your collection down to the necessities to save on space (and hassle!).